bernard aubertinBernard aubertin was one of the most radical authors of the early 1960s. After the fateful cognition of the work of yves klein, the artist devotes himself to painting monochromes and creating works with fire. His reliefs with burning matches have rightly attracted the attention of critics and avant-garde colleagues. Aubertin takes part at most of the important exhibitions of the zero group, and his interest in the fire and its destructive, yet metamorphological abilities have not left the artist until the end of his life.

The artist was born in 1932 and died in 2015 in Reutlingen (Germany)


foto biasiAlberto Biasi is known for his leading role in promoting Kinetics Art, which literally means "art of moves" and which is also a type of art that requires its meaning through interaction with the viewer, through an interplay of color, light and movement. In the sixties was Alberto Biasi co-founder of very influent group, called Gruppo N where he was one of the most active member and later, as a solo artist he became most important artist of all ex-memebers of the group. Alberto Biasi´s works can be admired in the most important museums and collections around the world.


Artist was born 1937 and works in Padua (italy)


foto de vriesHerman de Vries was one of the artists who were very often exhibiting with the core of the zero movement and even after its official ending in 1966, he has always identified himself with the spirit of the zero. His unique works of the random objectivations (often emerging from numerical ispirations by nature) were later replaced by reliefs made from found objects in nature, painting by ashes, or by earth pigments. The artist's work is highly distinctive and herman de vries already has a strong place in the history of world art. At the Venice Biennale in 2015, this artist was dedicated to the entire Dutch pavilion.

Artist was born in 1931 works in eschenau (germany)


foto dobes Milan Dobeš was virtually the only important protagonist of kinetic art in the second half of the last century in Czechoslovakia. He was accidentally discovered while his exhibition in Prague by two important foreign art historians and subsequently is then invited to all important international exhibitions of kinetic art and opart. The artist´s interests in the movement and its views, or statements are since mentioned Prague exhibition until today still similary intensive. the works by this extraordinary artist are parts of the most prestigious collections of kinetic art around the world.

Artist was born in 1929 and works in Bratislava


foto erbenWork of painter Ulrich Erben is in principle based on a contraction of the neighborhood colors, with their harmony, or contrast and the resulting energy. Erben often applied the colors in many only partially covering layers and thus achieves a special depth of the paintings. He is a highly respected master of "color field painting" and already shortly after his graduating on academies in Germany and Italy discovered his rare ability to work with reduction of the painting´s content. Since eightees he is a professor at the prestigious academy in Düsseldorf and his artistic path lines a long serie of very impressive and important exhibitions.

Artist was born in 1940, works in Düsseldorf and in Bagnoregio near Rome


foto glattfelderHans Jörg Glattfelder is focused from his very beginnings on constructive art. Already in his youth he moved from his native Switzerland to Italy, where he had successfully constructed his geometric paintings and objects for almost forty years, then he had an atelier in the USA and finally in 1998 settled permanently in Paris. His paintings of the last three decades have almost character of objects, where the artist works not only with the content painted on canvas stretched on a wooden frame, but also the irregular shape of the whole work is corresponding to the confusing spatiality newly defined geometric systems. Artist´s works are part of many very important collections around the world.

artist was born in 1939 and works in Paris


foto grygarMilan Grygar is one of the most radical working artists of Czech republic. Severity of such a individual approaches and realisation of it secured him a leading position not only in our country, but also an important international respect. In the sixties he discovered another dimensions in his work, which were sound and space. Since then, the relationship between art, space and sound aspects is an integral part of Grygar´s work. His drawings and paintings are firm parts of most prestigious collections in the world.

Artist was born in 1926 and works in Prague



jan henderikse is a founding member of the Dutch nul Group, with whom (together with other members: armando, henk peeters and jan schonhooven) brought new impulses and a revolutionary kind of creation into the artistic events of the time. Group nul worked closely with the German Zero Movement and Jan Henderikse created reliefs from found, used or worthless materials. Serially sorted small items, worthless coins, or corks are still the expression language of this prominent artist.
The artist was born in 1937 and is working alternately in Antwerp and New York


foto megertChristian megert is one of the few artists who have taken part at almost all major exhibitions of the zero movement and its typical artistic expression is the space work using reflections of mirrors. They are built into refined configurations in his reliefs, sometimes are mirrors glazed or completely overlaid with paint. Christian megert belongs to the fundamental group of artists, and his works are part of collections in many important museums in the world.

The artist was born in 1936 and works alternately in Düsseldorf and Bern


foto morandiniMarcello Morandini is a master of contrasts, mostly between black and white. These two "non-colors" faithfully accompanied him throughout his artistic career since the sixties and the artist´s creativity allows to generate an fantastic range of variations with them, still surprising new solutions of structures. The focus of his work lies in painting of geometric compositions, as in creating of spatial reliefs and sculptures. Marcello Morandini is sought after not only by world´s collectors and museums, but is often also addressed with regards to create avantgarde solutions in architecture.

Artist was born 1940 and works in Varese, near Milan


foto floresDario Pérez-Flores is the core author of the all most renowned galleries in Paris, which deal with concrete and kinetic art and he is, of course, represented both in Europe and in the USA. In additions to his personal exhibitions at gallery Denise Rene is he participating at all group shows, where are his works ranked alongside highly estabilished artists such as Yaacov Agam, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jesús Rafael Soto, or Heinz Mack. Work of Dario Pérez-Flores is allowed to assign to kinetic art, calculating with just a flick of the viewer around the relief, but some works are driven by electric motor.

artist was born in 1936 and works in Paris


foto scaccabarozziAntonio scaccabarozzi was a secluded atist and during his life he did not particularly try to exhibit his works. Thanks to this passivity, there is very increasing interest in his significant work for only a few last years, and museums and collectors discover the undeniable quality of his paintings. The artist's authentic work dates back to the mid-1960s and has been divided into several thematic stages, but truly discovering works originated first from the early 1970s

The artist was born in 1936 and died in 2008 in s.maria hoé (Italy)


foto staudtKlaus Staudt is one of the protagonists of systematic constructivism. His objects and sculptures are mostly assembled from white segments whose configuration and direction together creates finely outlined geometric shapes, or certain energy flows. Although the entire work of Klaus Staudt operates with exactness of the assembled systems is very lyrical and in its entirety artistically very consistent. In the recent years Klaus Staudt gets rapidly increasing attentions from both knowledgeable collectors and from high reputable institutions.

Artist was born in 1932 and works in Frankfurt am Main


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